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Little or big, no problem is out of the ordinary when it comes to your car. You're the daily driver and are the best judge for when something is not sounding or feeling right. We will try to listen and get to the bottom of any mechanical issue you are having.


Air Conditioning

Your car's air conditioner is essential on those hot summer days. Charging it without the proper equipment can be detrimental to the system and very costly in the long run. Give us a call for a quote on fixing/maintaining the system. We have the equipment to diagnose problems and fix them. We can also recondition the refrigerant in the system and add the necessary amount.



Engine repairs can range from small to large. We offer Timing belt relacement, tuneups, head gasket replacement etc. We also deal with full engine replacements as well. We can get a variety of used parts to help save you money as well.



The Transmission is a vital part of your vehicle. We can provide you with several services for your transmission. From a flush to a replacement we will do whatever it takes to get you back on the road. We can also have your transmission rebuilt.


The brakes are an equally important part of your car. Give us a call for a quote on replacing the pads,
rotors, calipers etc.
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