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Your vehicle has many systems that keep it running efficiently. We can help with each of these. From  routine maintenance to major repairs let us help you stay on the road!

      PA Safety/Emission


At Car Crafters we are a licensed safety inspection and emission shop. We will give you an honest evaluation of your car and call you before we complete the job. This means you will not be sold parts or services that you do not need to pass inspection. We are an honest repair facility that takes pride in the work we do. We have the diagnostic equipment to diagnose and repair that annoying check engine light so you can pass your emissions test as well!


Preventative Maintenance is key to low car bills in the future. Here at Car Crafters we offer a full service oil change that includes changing the oil and filter, checking the tire pressure and rotation, and topping off all of the fluids.

We can also flush the transmission, flush the coolant etc. We want to keep your car going and performing at its best. This keeps you going and helps prevent break downs.

We can also check over a car before you purchase it. It usually pays to have a car checked out before you buy. This gives you more negotiating power and helps reassure you of the vehicle you're buying.



From the engine compartment to the joints and bearings underneath the car, each part needs to be running efficiently and safely. The vehicle's suspension keeps you running smoothly and safely down the highway. We fix all kinds of suspension related issues from ball joints, wheel bearings, struts, shocks etc.

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